Student Leader

Mosoriot Teachers Training College student council acts a bridge between the students and the administration and aims at deepening the mutual relationship with the constituents of the institution.

It’s core mandate is to safeguard the rights of students in academics, disciplinary actions, health services, catering, accommodation, spiritual and other social welfare aspects.

The council also strives to provide an opportunity for students to interact freely through a healthy interactive social life in fields like, art, sports, graduation and entertainment.

It also advocates for equality and equity among its members and the entire student body.

It aims at encouraging student active participation during the college day-to day activities on week days and weekends.

It takes part in supervision of daily college operations with the lectures among other responsibilities directed to the student leadership by the college administration.

The student leadership work hand in hand with Dean of students office, and all other organs of college administration.


Mosoriot Teachers Training college is managed by the Board of Management, appointed by the Ministry of Education in accordance with Basic Education Act of 2013. The current Board of Management has 14 members namely:-

  1. Dr. Andrew Tuimur            –        Chairman
  2. Ms. Miriam Koech              –        BOM Secretary/Chief Principal
  3. Prof. Daniel Tarus             –        Member
  4. Prof. Rose Korir                –        Member
  5. Rev. James Mosonik          –        Member
  6. Justice Luka Kimaru           –        Member
  7. Mrs. Rael Magut                –        Member
  8. Mr. Benjamin Katam          –        Member
  9. Dr. Elijah Mutei                 –        Member
  10. Mr. Robert Mwetich           –        Member
  11. Mr. Titus Yego                  –        Member

12.     Mr. Paul Kamau                 –        Member

13.     Mr. Moses Ouko                –        Member/Deputy Principal

14.     Gerald Mutai                     –        Head Student/Member

The BOM shall continue to improve the infrastructure of the college through collaboration
with our stake holders:- Ministry of Education, Nandi County Government,
Teachers and Guardians. So far, the BOM has been able to oversee the completion
of phase I of the tuition block complex, much thanks to the Ministry of Education
for funding. We are currently looking forward for more funds from Ministry of Education
to enable us start PHASE II of the tuition complex.

I call upon the DPTE/DECTE students, both current and prospective students, to
perpetuate the good academic performance recorded by the college in the past.
Take advantage of the qualified teaching and friendly support staff to excel in
your courses, as per the college motto’, ‘Training for Excellence’.

discipline is the inevitable ingredient for success in a learning institution.  Members of Mosoriot Teachers Training College
observe self discipline, and comply  with code of rules and regulations, a  copy of
which shall be provided to individual students upon admissions to the college


  • Professional Studies department
  • Languages department
  • Mathematics & ICT department

  • Social Science department
  • Creative Arts department
  • Science department